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The Myth of Saturn and Kabbalah

In Jewish Kabbalah, Saturn is associated with the third sphere Binah, which represents understanding and the feminine aspect of God. In Kabbalah, Saturn is linked to the concept of the Shekhinah. This divine feminine presence dwells within the physical world.

According to Kabbalistic tradition, Binah is the channel through which the divine energy of wisdom and understanding flows into the world. Saturn, the planet associated with Binah, represents this energy's strict and structured aspect and is often seen as a symbol of limitation and boundaries.

The myth of Saturn in Kabbalah also emphasises the importance of self-discipline and humility. This is because Saturn represents the need to accept and work within the limits and boundaries of the physical world rather than trying to transcend or escape them.

In Kabbalistic thought, the myth of Saturn represents the importance of balancing God's masculine and feminine aspects and the need to integrate the limitations and structures of the physical world with the limitless potential of the spiritual realm. It also emphasises the idea of spiritual discipline and the importance of submitting oneself to a higher power to achieve true understanding and enlightenment.


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