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Calm the chaos - Emotional stress relief in your pocket

ELEMENTAL HEALING combines Kinesiology, Yoga and Tarot, helping you balance your emotions and energy through awareness and movement. Learn easy self-ENERGY testing techniques to reduce stress daily and handle issues as they arise. Tune into your body and mind to align with your Spirit.

Elements of Emotions

Elements of Emotions is based on Chinese 5 element theory. Our organs are storehouses for emotions. If not balanced, emotions become excessive, stagnant or low and this energy leads to a lack of ease.

The deck has 72 cards - 12 emotion cards for each of the 5 elements as well as 12 cards for the Microcosmic Orbit.

The organs associated with the element are also on the card.

The cards can be read to highlight an emotion and/or organ that needs attention, or as an oracle to know what is in play and what needs to be changed, altered or deleted to achieve your goal.

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Energy Movement

The Energy Movement deck is based on Chinese 5 elements. The cards are a combination of Kinesiology balance points, meridians, Mudras and Yin yoga moves.

There are mini balances for releasing tension, boosting energy, brain tune-ups and meditations.

The deck may be used on its own for daily energy resets or in combination with the Emotions and Tarot deck.

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Elemental Soul Tarot

The Elemental Soul Tarot takes you on a journey into your Soul. Each card is a like a portal into another realm.

This is a deck for getting to know yourself and others better. I believe that putting this knowledge into daily use leads to kinder and more compassionate interactions.

The deck is an adaptation from traditional Rider-Wait Smith and Golden Dawn systems.

There are 78 cards. The 22 major arcana are numbered 1 as the Alchemist and 22 as the Fool. The Justice card is 8 and Strength is 11. The numbers follow the Hebrew letter/number association.


Renamed cards:

Magician = Alchemist 

High Priestess = Intuitive

Hierophant = Elder

Hanged Man = Perspective

Death = Mortality

The 4 suites are: Water/Cups, Fire/Wands, Air/Swords and Earth/Pentacles.

The court cards show the blend of the 2 zodiac signs they are assigned. The courts are the Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The astrology is based on the fixed western system. The numerology is based on the pythagorean system.

The Tree of Life pathways on the cards show a system of Hebrew alphabet associations based on Paul Foster Case's interpretation.


Try the Elemental Healing App for FREE!

- Daily energy and emotional healing to calm your mind, body and Soul

- Develop intuitive awareness and clarity

- Move into alignment with your goals and intentions

- Restore energy for your life adventures

- Empower your Soul to make the best decisions

- Ideal for Shadow Work and journalling

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