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Holistic Wellbeing

Kinesiology is in essence, the study of movement. Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine’s model of Five Element Theory and Western medicine’s understanding of anatomy, the Kinesiologist uses gentle energy testing techniques to assess and balance your emotional, physical and spiritual states. In an online balance, the Kinesiologist uses herself as a surrogate for your energy.

Tarot is a system that brings to mind the issues that are wanting to be aligned.

Together, Kinesiology and Tarot assist in assimilating the changes, bringing you a sense of peace and confidence for your next Soul adventures.

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Emotional Awareness
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Body, Mind, Spirit Alignment
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First up, Kinesi-Tarot cannot diagnose or treat specific illnesses. It can however assist in aligning your body’s energy. This alignment helps you to achieve your goals with greater ease.

  • assist with decision making

  • remove sabotage patterns

  • overcome past trauma

  • enhance learning abilities

  • identify nutritional deficiency and excess

  • improve performance.

What can a Kinesi-Tarot Balance do for you?

How an online Kinesi-Tarot Balance works

Online Kinesi-Tarot balances are great for when you feel like your energy is 'off',  you need a tune-up or you have a specific goal to achieve. It's the smart way to align your energy for success.

In an online session, I use my body as a surrogate to energy test for what you’re needing to correct and we do the corrections together. If, for example, a crystal balance comes up for you, I will read to you about the crystal’s energy and meaning and how it applies to you for this balance. You might need to have a picture of the crystal in your space for a while or wear the crystal if you have it. If  you need to hold an acupressure point or run a meridian we do this together to complete the energy circuit.


Energy is intelligent and we're all connected so distance is never a problem.

What to expect in a Kinesi-Tarot Balance

  • In your session, we will have a discussion of what you're wanting to balance.

  • This will help you to assess where you are in your life and where you would rather be. 

  • We talk about your goal for the session and the issues you have around achieving your goal.

  • In follow up balances we talk about what’s changed and balance your body’s energy for your next priority.

What may come up in a Kinesi-Tarot Balance
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Meridian tracing & rubbing, tapping, flushing of acupoints

Colour and sound balancing or chakra balancing

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Essential oils, flower essences or crystals

Clearing sabotage patterns, reframing belief systems or visualisation

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

After your balance:

You may feel ‘lighter’ in your being. Your outlook may change. You might feel pain dissolving and tension releasing. Your healing is very unique to you and every balance is different - even around the same issues sometimes. You will usually feel amazed at what shows up and how simple it can be to shift back into balance.


This is a gentle process that can change your life in subtle and sometimes, not so subtle ways.

Your future self thanks you for booking now: