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Meditation for the 5 yin organs

Do you talk lovingly to your body on a regular basis?

Most of the time I find I don't pay attention to my body unless it has an ache or a pain or I'm feeling a bit 'off', tired, thirsty, hungry. These are signals to get my attention. But what if I paid attention to my body before it jumped up like a kid demanding attention? What if I took care of myself first?

When you tune into what your body needs, without all the noise from everyone else about how you should look, what you should eat, when you should exercise, sleep, play, read, watch, your body will reward you with love and health and happiness.

Take this moment to tune into the solid (Yin) organs of your body and their corresponding element.

Heart - fire

Spleen - earth

Lungs - metal/air

Kidneys - water

Liver - wood

When you bring your attention to these organs in this sequence, you send energy to the organs, helping the energy to flow smoothly to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit. The knock-on affect is that the energy from these organs supplies the hollow (Yang) organs with energy. leading to overall wellbeing.

The Yang organs are:

Small Intestine - fire

Stomach - earth

Large Intestine - metal/air

Bladder - water

Gall Bladder - wood

This cycle is the creation cycle of the elements within nature. Acknowledging what each organ does, sending love and gratitude for the amazing work your body does, helps to raise your vibe. A high vibe allows you to experience life differently.


Sit or lie comfortably with your eyes closed. Bring your awareness to you breath without controlling it, just watching your body be breathed.

Gently focus your attention on each Yin organ in the creation cycle sequence, visualise wrapping each organ in a colourful mist, feeling the organ smiling.

Heart (centre of your chest) - red

Spleen (left side of your body) - yellow

Lungs (in your ribcage behind your heart) - silver

Kidneys (in your middle back just under the ribs) - blue

Liver (right side of your body) - green

Do the cycle 3 times then finish by bringing a gentle smile to your face. Rub your palms together and place your left hand over your chest, right hand over the left so that your thumb pads are touching. This is Shen/Spirit mudra, for sending nurturing, healing energy deep into your heart space.

Note: if you're not able to visualise the organs or the colours, simply have the intention for the colour to wrap around the organs. This will still affect the energy flow :)


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