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How to tune into abundance

Money is our medium of exchange, but what are you exchanging it for and why? Do you have fun with your money or does it cause stress and tension?

Money is a form of energy exchange - just like a hug. You can receive it warmly or repel it depending on your emotional connection. Life on the earth plane is naturally materialistic and there is lots to enjoy that money can buy, but is it adding value? Is there a fleeting sense of satisfaction that immediately leads to a sense of deprivation?

How have you been conditioned to think about money? Is there never enough, have to save for a rainy day, collect coins in a jar, hide money for 'just in case'?

Do you recognise the significance of where you spend your money? Supporting local farmers, buying eco friendly clothing that lasts past this season with great labour policies, minimum packaging that's recyclable? Where you spend your money is like saying "I love you" to that company!

Tips for loving your money:

- Keep your wallet/purse in good order. Throw out your receipts as they represent money you no longer have.

- Don't carry or use credit cards - it's not your money.

- Have a savings account for things you are passionate about experiencing.

- Never put your handbag on the floor where it can be kicked or trodden on - same with your heart.

- Add some magic! Put peppermint oil on you purse to attract money - money is after all made at the mint...

- Always have your business cards handy. When you're proud of what you do for money, it's a great attractor factor!


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