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Full Moon Vibes: Scorpio's Deep Dive and How to Heal Your Stuff

Hey everyone, it's that time of month again—full Moon time! This month, the Moon is in Scorpio, and things are about to get intense (in a good way, promise!). Buckle up because a Full Moon in Scorpio is all about transformation, facing your feelings, and unleashing your inner power.

Why Scorpio's Full Moon is Like Therapy

Think of Scorpio as the zodiac's therapist. It holds a mirror up to your soul and says, "Let's talk about that thing you've been avoiding." Yep, it brings up buried emotions, hidden truths, and all that good, messy stuff we tend to shove under the rug. But here's the thing: facing this is how we heal and grow.

Energy Healing Hacks for the Scorpio Full Moon

So, how can you use this Full Moon energy to heal and boss up your life? Here are some cool ideas:

  • Journaling Journey: Grab a pen and paper (or your favourite note-taking app) and let it rip. Write down all those hidden thoughts and feelings that Scorpio's Moon is dragging to the surface. Don't worry about grammar; get it all out!

  • Crystal Crew: Crystals are like tiny power packs; some seriously resonate with Scorpio vibes. Smoky quartz helps ditch negativity, obsidian helps you face the truth (ouch!), and garnet boosts your emotional healing. Find some crystals that call to you, hold them while you meditate, or place them on your body during your healing rituals.

  • Cord Cutting Chaos: Scorpio is all about deep connections, but sometimes those connections can hold us back. This Full Moon is a powerful time to cut energetic cords that tie you to unhealthy relationships or past experiences. There are meditations and visualisations specifically for cord-cutting, so try them!

  • Water Works Wonders: Water is Scorpio's element, so take advantage of its cleansing power. Draw yourself a luxurious moonlit bath, go for a swim under the stars (if it's safe!), or even listen to some calming water sounds.


  • Chill Out:  This Full Moon can be intense, so don't push yourself too hard. Take breaks, breathe deeply, and refresh your energy in nature.

  • Be Kind to Yourself:  Healing is a journey, not a destination. There will be bumps in the road, so be gentle with yourself as you work through your stuff.

  • Embrace the Change:  The Full Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity to shed what's holding you back and step into your most powerful self. It will be a wild ride, but it's worth it!

So, grab your crystals, light some candles, and dive deep under the light of the Scorpio Full Moon. Take your chance to heal, transform, and become the incredible being you were meant to be!


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