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How to do a cord cutting ceremony

Energy cords are created between people, places, and animals, with thoughts and emotions. Most of the time these cords are in our best interest. You want to have good energetic connections with the people, places and animals that you love. But what happens when they're not good connections? How do you cope with constant arguing, feeling tired, depressed, or anxious when you're with certain people or in some places?

Your body has a fine electromagnetic field that either attracts or repulses. When you think or feel something positive, you usually attract something positive and the same with negativity. When someone has a strong opinion that you disagree with, you probably feel repulsed. When you're in a place that speaks to your soul, you probably want to spend more time there - places of worship, being in nature for example. This happens because the earth also has an electromagnetic field that in some places for you might be stronger. Being in places that have had a lot of negativity will probably put you off - prisons and war sites for example.

Maybe you're happy going shopping but after the checkout person has handled your stuff and you're leaving, you start to feel angry or sad. You might have just picked up on their energy. Your purchases might hold the energy of the people who've handled them.

To keep your energy space clear, it is good to regularly check in with yourself and ask if all that you're thinking or feeling is actually yours. If it's not, then it's time to do a cord cutting ceremony.

Cord Cutting Ceremony:

- Give yourself a quiet time to do this where you won't be interrupted.

- Make sure you're well hydrated.

- Light a candle in a safe container where it won't be disturbed by draughts.

- Sit or lie comfortably in a position you can hold for about 20 minutes.

- Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breathing without trying to control it.

- Think about the energy you want to clear - it may be an argument, emotion or situation.

- When you're ready, energetically invite the person/object/space you wish to cut cords with into your space.

- In your mind, speak candidly without malice, about how and why you feel the way you do about XYZ.

- When you're finished having your say, you might want to invite them to have their say and really listen for their side of the story.

- When both of you have finished, lovingly pull all negative cords out of you. You may feel or see them mainly from your solar plexus and heart chakras. Negative cords can appear thick, heavy, dark. If the cords are really stubborn, you can energetically use a sword to cut them. You might feel a slight "ping" like an elastic band has been cut.

- When you're finished, lightly rub your thumbs across your fingertips. Take a deeper breath in and out. Gently smile as you open your eyes.

Sometimes, if it's a really big situation, you may need to do this ceremony more than once. This is ok.

Remember, you're only cutting the negative cords. You will know that the cords are cut when you have no emotional charge connecting you to the person, place, object or situation. You have come to a neutral or positive state.


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