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Chochma on the Tree of Life

Chochma is the second Sephirah on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalistic tradition. It is often translated as "wisdom" and represents the first manifestation of divine consciousness.

The attributes of Chochma include:

Creativity: Chochma represents the creative spark of the divine, which is the source of all inspiration and new ideas.

Intuition: Chochma is associated with intuition, the ability to sense and perceive things beyond logic and reason.

Insight: Chochma is associated with insight, which is the ability to understand the true nature of things and to see beyond appearances.

Masculine Energy: Chochma is often associated with the masculine principle, representing the active, creative, and dynamic aspect of the divine.

Initiator: Chochma initiates the creative process, which is the first step in the creation process.

In the Tree of Life context, Chochma represents the active, creative aspect of the divine. The spark of inspiration ignites the creative process and brings new ideas and insights into being. Chochma is also associated with spiritual awakening and represents the first stage in the journey toward divine consciousness.


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