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5 ways to create good beliefs

Beliefs are your brains way of making sense of your world. They are formed by thoughts you habitually think and can come about from your own experiences or conditioning from others experiences. But are they actually always good for you?

If you believe something to be true, it may not be true for anyone else. You may find a community that have the same beliefs, and be ostracised by other communities because of those beliefs. When your beliefs cause disharmony in your relationships, is is good for the relationship to hang onto the belief? Do you find yourself defending what you believe more often than not? Is this healthy for you?

Imagine how exhilarating it would be to find something new and refreshing to believe - remember, the world was once believed to be flat and you'd fall off the Earth if you went to the edge...

Tips for creating good beliefs:

- Stay curious. A mind that is always searching stays open to possibility.

- Observe your thoughts and see how they make you feel.

- Be open to adventures and learning something new everyday.

- Question if it is your belief or someone else's and if it's serving you.

- Regularly check in with yourself about what you believe. You're allowed to change :)

Discovering a belief you have to be wrong can be fun. Not everyone believes they can meditate, but when they learn they can, it can be a life altering experience.


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