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3 ways to calm triple warmer energy

The triple warmer in TCM governs the balance of fluids in the body that go to our survivor habits of fight, flight, freeze. In western medicine, this is becoming known as the interstitium - or the space between the cells. When the triple warmer meridian is activated, the body goes on high alert as we get ready for the perceived threat. When the threat is no longer, sometimes the body stays in this hyper alert state. Our mind may repeat the story of the 'threat' to the extent that the body believes there is still a problem and reacts accordingly. This is not healthy for the immune system or for getting a good night's sleep.

Let's face it - for the majority of us, our modern way of living is stressful. Too little quality sleep, too much stimulation. Worries about safety, work, health. World events, natural disasters, politicians... Most of the time we might be able to stay calm and positive, but at some stage, our circuits might get 'fried'. When this happens we feel overwhelmed, depressed, have insomnia, over eat or not want to eat. We get moody and irritable and generally feel out of sorts.

While we can't do anything about natural disasters, we can learn to manage the rest of our time in ways that are healthier for us. Turning off the news, not spending as much time on computers and phones, eating healthier meals, getting to bed on time, exercising and meditating often are lifestyle adjustments we can choose.

There are also exercises we can do to release tension in our energy field.

- For a good nights sleep we can calm the triple warmer meridian by running the energy backwards:

Triple Warmer Smoothie ( Donna Eden) - rub your hands together then place your fingertips over your eyes. Move your fingers to your temples, then slowly over to your ears, around the back of your ears, down the side of your neck, and hang them on your shoulders. When you're ready, slide your hands to the middle of your chest over your heart.

- If you wake in the night, place one palm on your temple as a pillow, the other across the base of your throat.

- Triple Warmer Hug for any time of the day - place your left hand on the side of your right ribcage, your right hand on the back of your left elbow. Breathe gently before swopping hands


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