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Yesod on the Tree of Life

Yesod is the ninth sephira or sphere in the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, located beneath Tiphareth and above Malkuth. It is associated with the Moon and represents the foundation or basis upon which all things manifest in physical reality.

The attributes of Yesod include:

Foundation: Yesod is the foundation upon which the entire Tree of Life rests. It is the bridge between the divine and the physical, representing the process by which ideas manifest in the physical world.

Emotions and imagination: Yesod is associated with emotions and imagination, which are the driving forces behind the creation of physical reality. It is the realm of dreams, visions, and intuition.

Sexuality and procreation: Yesod is also associated with sexuality and procreation. It represents the sexual energy that drives the creative process, both physically and spiritually.

Astral plane: Yesod is sometimes called the astral plane because it is the gateway through which we can access other dimensions of reality. It is the subconscious realm, where all thoughts and experiences are stored.

Illusion: Yesod is associated with illusion because it is the realm of the subconscious, where our thoughts and experiences are often distorted by our fears, desires, and beliefs. To move beyond illusion, one must learn to see through the veil of one's subconscious.


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