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Why Tarot and Kinesiology?

At the beginning of 2022, I decided I wanted to keep a tarot journal. I wanted it to be pretty. I wanted it to be easy. I wanted it to be something I looked forward to each day. So I created tarot stickers.

I proudly showed them to my daughter. She asked why I was wasting my time creating something that wasn't in alignment with my business. Oops! I scrambled to explain that tarot also worked with the elements. She wasn't buying it. I'd never really touched on the elements in tarot readings for her. I have over 100 decks. None of them overtly touched on the elements. They've all got pictures of people or animals.

She asked why I didn't create a tarot deck. The idea was like waving a red flag at a bull. I have a lot of 'bull' in my chart - Taurus sun, ascendant and north node! I've been interested in numerology and astrology for many years. My focus on these components would form the basis of my deck. Elemental Soul Tarot was on the way.

I'm not much of an artist. The idea in my head never quite translates onto paper or iPad. I couldn't see myself drawing 78 people cards. I have so many decks 'cos I was always looking for new answers - and hello - art collection...! My cards were going to be about aspects of our experiences as individuals. But I didn't know what culture, skin colour or beliefs influence your tarot readings, so a multicultural people deck was out. Mandala portals for contemplation in the element colours became my creation focus.

We all have all the planets in our astrology chart. Some areas are just more prominent than others. These cards are about the people and experiences playing out in our lives. They're a guide into our own very personal spiritual experiences.

I always wondered why the Hebrew alphabet was in some decks. I delved into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn tarot system. Their book, Sacred Tarot by CC Zain, was on my bookshelf all along - a gift from my first Hatha Yoga teacher nearly 30 years ago! It was all over my head in those years. I was still trying at that time to learn the meanings of 78 cards in the Rider-Waite Smith system.

I learned Hebrew as a kid. I knew that each letter had a number associated with it. When I looked at Golden Dawn or Thoth decks, the number didn't match the Hebrew letter. I got practical in my approach - thanks, Taurus! My cards follow the Hebrew alphabet number association (Gematria).

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is the pictorial view of aspects of the attributes one aims to perfect as a Soul having a human experience. My understanding is that we are all aspects of the whole. It is never a linear journey. We may circle to lessons again and again with greater understanding and - hopefully, wisdom each time.

Kinesiology is a system of healing based on the Chinese Five Element theory. It is a modality focusing on balancing emotions - mental, physical spiritual. Getting to know ourselves better allows us to experience life by choice.

Balancing emotions through energy movement is the aim. The game is in learning who we are. How can we be better at being ourselves?


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