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The Myth of Mars and Kabbalah

In Jewish Kabbalah, Mars is associated with the fifth sphere Geburah (Strength), which represents strength, discipline, and judgment. The myth of Mars in Kabbalah is linked to the concept of din, or strict justice, which is one of the attributes of God.

According to Kabbalistic tradition, Geburah is the channel through which the divine attribute of din flows into the world. Mars is often seen as a symbol of judgment and punishment.

The myth of Mars in Kabbalah shows the importance of self-control and discipline. This is because Mars represents the need to constructively harness and direct one's passions and desires rather than allowing them to become destructive or out of control.

In Kabbalistic thought, the myth of Mars represents the delicate balance between justice and mercy and the need to find an harmonious synthesis between these two attributes. It also emphasises the importance of personal responsibility, self-mastery and the idea that individuals can shape their destinies through their choices and actions.


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