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The Lovers and Temperance: Embracing the Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full moon in Sagittarius ♐️ offers an electrifying blend of energies into the cosmos. It invites us to embark on a journey of exploration, truth-seeking, and boundless enthusiasm. Gemini ♊️ season aligns beautifully with the Lovers tarot card, the Hebrew letter Vav, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life pathway from Chochma (Wisdom) to Chesed (Kindness). 

Gemini Season and the Lovers Tarot Card

Gemini season has begun, infusing the air with curiosity, communication, and a dualistic dance of ideas. The Lovers tarot card perfectly represents this season, symbolising values, choices, and relationships. The Lovers tarot card is number six and is connected to the sixth Hebrew letter, Vav ו, which signifies connection and union. In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Vav ו bridges Chochma (Wisdom) and Chesed (Kindness), guiding us from pure intellectual insight to the expansive, generous heart.

Kabbalah Tree of Life
Hebrew letter Vav

Practical Tips for Gemini Season:

Communicate Clearly: Embrace the Gemini energy by engaging in heartfelt conversations. Open up to loved ones, express your thoughts, and listen actively.

Explore Dualities: Recognise and harmonise the dual aspects of your life—work and play, logic and intuition, self and others.

Make Conscious Choices: The Lovers card reminds us to choose with love and intention. Reflect on your choices and align them with your highest values.

Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Temperance Tarot Card

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is about expansion, adventure, and seeking higher truths. The Temperance tarot card symbolises balance, moderation, and blending opposites. Linked to the fourteenth Hebrew letter, Nun נ, literal meaning 'fish' and spiritually meaning 'activity', Temperance guides us from Tiferet (Harmony) to Netzah (Victory, Innovation) in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Hebrew letter Nun
Hebrew letter Nun

Practical Tips for the Full Moon in Sagittarius:

Seek Balance: Just as Temperance advises, find a harmonious balance in your life. Integrate different aspects of yourself and your experiences.

Embrace Adventure: Channel the Sagittarian love for exploration. Let your curiosity lead the way, whether travelling, learning something new, or stepping out of your comfort zone.

Practice Patience: Nun reminds us that true growth requires patience and perseverance. Trust in the process and stay committed to your path.

Navigating the Energies Together

With the full moon in Sagittarius lighting up our skies during Gemini season, we are presented with a unique opportunity to blend the intellectual and the expansive, the analytical and the adventurous. Here's how to navigate this potent energy:

Reflect and Set Intentions: Use the full moon's illumination to reflect on your journey so far. Align your intellectual pursuits and your quest for deeper meaning by setting intentions.

Engage in Rituals: Consider moon rituals incorporating elements of air (Gemini) and fire (Sagittarius). Light candles and meditate on your intentions.

Stay Grounded: When the energy feels exhilarating, remember to stay grounded. Practice mindfulness, spend time in nature, and journal to process your thoughts and feelings.

The dance between the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius offers a beautiful blend of mind and spirit, urging us to seek wisdom, embrace love, and step boldly into our adventures. May this full moon light your path with clarity and inspire you to explore the boundless horizons of your soul.


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