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Meditation for aligning your energy

Through my studies of body energy systems, I have found the simplest understanding from Qi Gong in the three dantians - the upper dantian in the head, the middle dantian in the chest, and the lower dantian in the lower abdomen.

The fluffy words correlate to wisdom in the upper dantian, compassion in the middle dantian and vitality/action in the lower dantian. 

What happens when these energy centres are out of alignment?

Are we being wise or overthinking, getting headaches and sleeping badly?

Are we being compassionate to ourselves and others or is there lots of drama, restricted breathing and wanting to welcome everyone to our pity-party?

Have we got lots of vitality or a lack of energy, digestion and female troubles?

By being aware of what our body’s are communicating to us, we can relatively quickly bring ourselves back to a calm and centred alignment.

A simple practice to do regularly: 

Sit in a comfortable position - no crossed legs or feet.

Place your right hand on your tummy, with your thumb in your naval.

Place your left hand over your right hand with the left thumb in the webbing between the thumb and first finger of the right hand - for those who know the acupoints this is LI4 or the Dragon’s Mouth. It is a connection point for the lung and large intestine meridians. The air Chi from the lungs mixes with the food Chi and what’s not absorbed is sent for elimination via the large intestine. 

Bring your awareness to your breath, don’t try to control it, just watch it, allowing your body to be breathed.

After a few breaths gently move your left hand over the centre of your chest.

After a few breaths move your right hand over your left hand, thumb pads touching. This is Shen Mudra - for sending nurturing, healing energy deep into your heart space.

Gently bow your head.

Smile as you slowly lift your head and interlace your fingers, left thumb over right, resting them in your lap. This is Venus Mudra - a calming and centring Mudra, integrating the left and right sides of the brain and body, helping to bring wisdom and compassion into action!

Wishing you peace, joy, and wellbeing.


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