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How to use your body as a pendulum

Balance is usually an issue of awareness. How often are you running around sorting everything out for everybody else and neglecting the signals your body is sending you?

When you don't hit the pause button often enough to simply tune in to what your body is needing, it will eventually send you a signal to STOP - in the case of an ache, pain or illness.

As far as possible, to prevent serious issues, it helps to slow down and ask your body what it needs - and then listen for the answer...

'Body, are you hungry?'

As you practice listening to your body, your mind will slow down it's endless chatter, creating a sense of calm and ease. This practice at first may not be easy. You may wonder if the signals you're getting are a figment of your imagination. This is ok. Just stay with the practice until you trust the messages.

A simple energy technique for tuning in and listening:

- stand comfortably after you've had a glass of water (your body fires on electrical impulses better when hydrated)

- state something you know to be true, eg: your name "I am 'name'"

- your body will slightly sway forwards

- state something you know to be false, eg: where you don't live: 'I live in Timbucktoo'

- your body will slightly sway backwards

- now you're ready to ask your body what it needs

Note: your body might want chocolate, but it might really need more magnesium. In this case, raw cacao is better than commercial chocolate which has way too much sugar in it. If your body is still looking for chocolate, ask it where there might be a perceived lack of sweetness in life...

Always ask if what your body needs is good for the whole body!

You can also use specific charts to help you tune in to your body. This is a simple way to see where your body may need more or less attention, and where it may need an adjustment or to delete something.

When looking at Chinese Five Element theory charts, you can tune in to emotions, organs, tastes, timing. There is an endless way of working with the microcosm of your body in the greater macrocosm of life on Earth.


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