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How to raise your vibe

Do you feel other people's emotions on a regular basis? Do you know where your energetic boundary is, or does it seem to blend into whoever's energy you are with? Do you know the difference?

You must've walked into a room where people seem to be having a great time and you felt an undercurrent of something else. Or walked into a room where there has been fighting and all of a sudden you feel 'off'. How about touching your groceries after the checkout person has told you about the bender they went on the night before to block out breaking up with their friend?

You pick up on energy from everything, all the time, wether you're aware of this or not.

For you to constantly have a high vibe so that low vibes don't influence you is probably unrealistic. Keeping your vibe high though, allows for lower vibes not to stick around. Awareness and choice is within your apparent control.

Tips for keeping your vibe high:

- Drink good quality water to keep your blood flowing well

- Limit your refined salt and sugar intake to maintain an alkaline body - this means the wine too...

- Listen to music you enjoy often

- Chant and/or sing regularly - yes, in the shower does count

- Meditate or have quiet time every day

- Declutter your mental, emotional and physical space every week

- Ask yourself "who does this emotion belong to?" Is it self to self, self to others, others to self, self to situation, others to others? You can only change what is yours.

- Be responsible for your stuff and allow others the same courtesy of responsibility for their stuff - no guilt or shame

- Say 'WOW' 10x first thing in the morning as you wash your face - you are pretty WOW!


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