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How to fill your kindness bucket

Kindness, or Chesed - the fourth Sephirah on the Tree of Life, is on the Pillar of Mercy. It is associated with the planet Jupiter giving us expansion, growth, charity and stability. Four represents building blocks, creating solid foundations, being heart centred.

When you activate the vibration of kindness, you seemingly attract 'luck', but what does kindness look like? Does it cost you anything?

When you are aware of your self-speak, how often is it with criticism rather than kindness?

Do you judge yourself for being late, untidy, disorganised? Do you do this, even in your head, about the people around you? Do you notice how your energy contracts even reading about this?

There is a ripple effect no matter what our energy is up to. So how much does kindness really cost?

When you scowl at someone, you probably will get a scowl back. Double scowls... hmmm...

When you smile at someone, you probably will get a smile in return. Double smiles... feels much better!

When you're able to fill up your kindness bucket, then it can overflow to others without leaving you feeling depleted. Let's face it, how would you like to experience life?

Tips for creating a kindness bucket:

- Notice how you speak to yourself and be gentler, calmer, more loving

- Give yourself time on a regular basis to do things you enjoy

- Get enough sleep - I feel very scowly when I haven't had enough quality sleep

- Eat nutrient dense foods - when your body feels good, your mind usually does too

- Do exercise that's right for your body - a hard workout is not for everyone all the time

- Schedule massages, body balances, sound baths, as your regular tune-up

- Smile often, you're beautiful and deserving always


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