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How to cultivate a sense of freedom

In TCM, the Metal/Air element relates to the season of Autumn. It is a time when the trees effortlessly loose their leaves. Trees let go leaves to become compost so that something else can grow. This allows the trees to 'travel lightly' through the winter when there isn't enough rain or there's too much snow to sustain new growth.

In the human condition, if we apply this analogy to our lives, it frees us up to do life differently - to let go of our baggage and 'travel lightly'. We can take deeper breaths when our lives aren't cluttered with stuff that's no longer useful. This can take the form of attitude adjustments, thoughts that we choose not to dwell on, decluttering our minds with awareness, as well as our physical spaces.

Intuition and inspiration are part of the Metal/Air element. We get flashes and 'downloads' when we are not focussing on our challenges. When we allow ourselves to press pause after the busy-ness of summer and accept the suspended animation time, preparing for winter.

The winds blow to scatter dense energy, breaking up the heaviness that can sometimes be the human condition. Embrace the winds of change and transition. Seasons and cycles allow us to welcome new experiences.

The freedom that we all seek is only received when we are disciplined with our energy, work and emotions. We breathe in, use the useful oxygen, breathing out, letting go of carbon dioxide. The system is efficient and a constant reminder of how to cultivate a sense of freedom.

Inhale - Exhale - Repeat.

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