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How to build self confidence

Confidence comes from knowledge and practice. Tying your shoe laces, making your bed, embroidery, tennis? As Gary Player, the golfer says: 'the more I practice, the luckier I get'!

There will always be people who can do some things faster and better than you. You might have great talent to play the piano, but unless you practice, your performance won't be great.

When you have an "off" performance, confidence in what you can do, will keep you from wallowing in your misery, even if all you can do in this moment is fold your washing well.

When you fall off a horse, they say it's good to get straight back on it. This sends signals to your mind that it's ok to fail and keep on going. When your mind gets bogged down with fears of failing, your confidence goes for a loop.

Tips for building confidence:

- Take time to visualise what you're wanting to achieve. This indicates to your brain what you're wanting and it will find ways to make it happen.

- Affirm with gratitude what you're already good at on a daily basis.

- Eat well and exercise often to feel good in your body.

- Ask your friends to confirm what you do well - you might be pleasantly surprised at things you just take for granted.

- Smile into the mirror each morning - you made it to another day :)

- Do something that challenges your comfort zone at least once a month - hiking, learning to play a musical instrument, going horse riding...


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