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How to build a Chi ball

Everyone has 'healing' hands! The acupoint in the middle of your palms is PC-8 (Pericardium 8). You can find this point by bending your ring finger to touch your palm. This is a fire point on a fire meridian. You have fire power in your palms.

Chi balls can be used to direct healing into your body or send healing (with permission) to another. They can to be used with intention to bring happiness, strength, good dreams and synchronicity. Practice on yourself first. Get comfortable with feeling the energy flow through you. You might feel heat, tingles or even coolness and this is all changeable depending on you. Always have an intention that the energy be used for the highest good.

Lets begin:

- sit or stand comfortably with your ears in line with your shoulders, in line with your hips.

- visualise or imagine a golden thread coming up from the centre of the earth, filling your body.

- gently rub your hands together.

- feel or imagine the golden thread coming out through your palms.

- move your hands about 2" apart and gently start to pulse them as though you're going to clap but something is in the way. You might feel a 'repelling' - like using a magnet the opposite way.

- gradually make your Chi ball bigger by moving your hands further apart.

- you might want to draw more golden light up from the earth or down from the heavens to keep growing your ball.

- when you're ready, send your Chi ball wherever it you want it to go. You can gently open up your hands, letting the energy float away or you can place your hands over your tummy, directing the energy into your wellbeing centre.

- maybe you want to have some fun and bounce Chi balls of love and laughter around your home.

- maybe you have a partner that you can bounce a Chi ball to and from. Kids can have lots of fun with this.

Enjoy learning to tap into the energies of the Universe and allowing them to flow through you and to you for goodness and wellbeing.

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