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Capricorn Full Moon Meets the Solstice: A Convergence of Light and Shadow

The Capricorn full moon shines on this [summer/winter] solstice (depending on your hemisphere). This full moon and solstice invite us on a journey of introspection and empowered action. Let's explore the symbolism by exploring the Devil tarot card, the Hebrew letter Samech, and the Kabbalah's path between Tiferet and Yesod.

Capricorn's Full Moon: Illumination and Ambition

As the Capricorn Full Moon intensifies its energy, it casts a revealing light on your ambitions and the foundations upon which you build your life. It's a time for you to engage in honest reflection. Are you driven by a clear vision, or are you unknowingly chasing fleeting desires, influenced by the shadow aspects of the Devil (Ignorance) tarot card? The Devil, often depicted with figures chained to earthly pursuits, urges you to confront unconscious patterns that might be hindering your progress. Are you blindly following societal expectations or clinging to outdated goals? This full moon is a powerful time to course-correct and realign yourself with your authentic aspirations.

Samech: The Support We Crave

The Hebrew letter Samech, meaning 'support' or 'prop', offers solace during this introspective full moon. Samech reminds us that we are not meant to navigate life alone. We are surrounded by a network of potential sources of strength – loved ones, mentors, communities. This full moon time is an invitation to acknowledge and nurture these connections. Have we been neglecting to express gratitude or reach out for support? Perhaps this is a time to mend bridges, strengthen bonds, and remind ourselves of the collective power we hold when we stand together.

Tiferet to Yesod: Bridging Vision and Reality

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a profound map of the universe's interconnectedness and guides us through the path connecting Tiferet (Harmony) and Yesod (Foundation). This pathway bridges our aspirations and their manifestation in the physical world. Like a lantern, The Capricorn full moon illuminates this path, urging us to refine our vision (Tiferet) with a grounded sense of practicality (Yesod). The Devil card, when seen as 'Ignorance,' warns against pursuing desires without a foundation of self-awareness and a plan. Samech, the letter of support, reminds us that we can bridge this gap by seeking guidance from others and building a strong support system.

Embracing the Duality of the Solstice and Full Moon

As we experience this convergence of the solstice and the full moon in Capricorn, we are presented with an opportunity to embrace both the light and the shadow. The solstice marks a turning point, a shift in the balance of light and dark. Similarly, the full moon illuminates our conscious desires and the unconscious patterns that might hold us back. 

By acknowledging the shadow aspects revealed by the Devil card and seeking the support offered by Samech, we can bridge the gap between vision and foundation (Tiferet-Yesod) and translate our ambitions into tangible realities. Now is a time to step into our power, embrace focused action, and build a future that aligns with our truest selves.


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