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A Gemini New Moon: Love, Duality, and the Power of Choice

The new moon arrives in the curious energy of Gemini, the Twins. This air sign, represented by the Lovers tarot card, is about communication, exploration, and embracing duality. It's a fitting time to delve into Gemini's multifaceted aspects and how they intertwine with the Lovers card and the esoteric wisdom of the Hebrew letter Vav and the 6th Sphere on the Tree of Life.

The Lovers Tarot and the Gemini Dance

Lovers, Gemini, Vav Hebrew letter, Tree of Life, 6th Sphere
Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers card depicts two figures, one male and one female, under archangel Raphael, the symbol of divine guidance, harmony in relationships and love. Gemini's essence is the constant exploration of ideas, perspectives, and possibilities. Under a Gemini new moon, we're encouraged to tap into our inner communicator and engage in open dialogues. It's a powerful time to:

Reflect on relationships: Are you nurturing healthy connections? Are there choices you need to make regarding partnerships (romantic or otherwise)?

Embrace your curiosity: Is there a new skill you've wanted to learn or a different perspective you're after?

Find balance: Gemini's energy can sometimes lead to scattered thoughts. Use the new moon to find a centre where your diverse interests can harmonise.

The Letter Vav and the Flow of Creation

In Kabbalah, the esoteric Jewish tradition, the letter Vav represents the connection between things that add value. It's a single line, a bridge between seemingly separate ideas. Just as Gemini bridges communication and exploration, Vav embodies the flow of creation, the spark that ignites from one concept to another. Under this new moon, consider:

How your communication bridges gaps: Are you fostering understanding or creating division?

How your choices connect you to your path: Are your decisions aligned with your larger goals?

The 6th Sphere: Tiphareth/Harmony - Beauty and Balance

The 6th Sphere, Tiphareth, represents beauty, harmony, and the integration of seemingly opposing forces. It's the point where all the Sephirot (Spheres) come together. During a Gemini new moon, we can utilise Tiphareth's energy to:

Find the beauty in duality: Gemini thrives on exploring differences. Can you appreciate the value of opposing viewpoints?

Seek balance in your communication: Strive for clarity and empathy in your interactions.

A New Moon Ritual for the Gemini New Moon

To harness the energy of the Gemini new moon, consider this simple ritual:

  1. Gather your tools: Find a quiet space, a journal, a pen, and an object that represents communication for you (perhaps a feather or a crystal).

  2. Set your intention: Light a candle and write down your intentions for the new moon cycle. Focus on communication, exploration, and finding balance in your choices.

  3. Meditate on the Lovers card: Visualise the image and contemplate the choices you face.

  4. Journal your reflections: Write down any insights or messages that arise.

  5. Hold your communication object: Infuse it with your intentions and carry it with you as a reminder.

In the new moon's darkness, embrace Gemini's inquisitive spirit. Explore new ideas, communicate openly, and find the beauty in the dance between choices. Let this be a time for growth, connection, and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.


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