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5 Steps to moving through fear

In TCM, fear is an emotion of the water element. The organs of the water element are adrenals, kidneys and bladder. Fear causes your energy to sink/descend, triggering a primal need for safety. This is the 'fight, flight, freeze' mechanism that kept your ancestors alive.

In our modern world, although we're not usually being chased by tigers, there are many things that trigger this primal response in our bodies. Watching the news on TV puts us in war zones and natural disaster zones that we can do nothing about. Constant bombardment from social media tells us what we should be eating, wearing, doing with our lives, pulling us out of alignment with what we actually need.

We have fears of becoming sick, fears of treatment if we do get sick, fears of choosing the wrong diet, wrong partners, wrong schools, fear of actually making our own decisions. Yet, we are not idle fence sitters in our lives. Even sitting still is a choice.

Most of our lives is based on the unknown and yet this we fear too. Having to be so certain about how things will work out, can be overwhelming and depleting to our energy system.

Tips for moving through fear:

- Surrender. This doesn't mean giving up, it means releasing the need for certainty.

- Breathe. Conscious awareness of your breath brings you into harmony with your body.

- Hold PC6 acupoint lightly. This point is located 1.5 - 2" above the wrist crease in the middle of the prominent tendons. This point helps to relieve tension in the diaphragm allowing for deeper breathing.

- Rub your hands together till they're nice and warm and gently place them on your kidneys (on the lower back just under the ribcage). This calms and nurtures the adrenals and kidneys.

Do EFT to move through your fears with greater ease:

- Even though I fear being ill, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

- Even though I feel fearful, it is safe to do so and deeply and completely love and accept myself.

- Even though I'm scared of the dark, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


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