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5 Reasons to improve flexibility

In TCM, the Wood element governs the liver and gallbladder organs, as well as the tendons and ligaments around the joints. The main emotion of the Wood element is anger. Note how ridged your body and mind become when you're angry.

Flexibility and strength go hand in hand when it comes to moving your body. Too much strength training can deplete flexibility, while being too flexible can zap your strength. Balance is important.

When your body and emotions are rigid, your thinking tends to hold you to the same pattern. Building flexibility into your body allows for your emotions and ideas to flow. This brings new growth to your psyche.

Improving your flexibility will expand many areas of your life.

Reasons for improving your flexibility:

- Being flexible can improve blood circulation. Tight muscles and tendons need more blood flow to regain flexibility.

- Your posture improves when you balance core strength with flexibility, allowing for freedom of movement.

- When your body flexible it is easier to relax.

- Reaching for a glass on a high shelf or doing up your bra is easier when your arms are flexible.

- Being flexible protects your joints.

Doing regular gentle exercise like yoga, tai chi and qigong creates balance, strength and flexibility. You deserve a healthy flexible body. Be kind to yourself.


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