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Holistic wellbeing in your hands


'If you always do what you've always done ...'


When we have a starting point, we can set a goal or intention for change. It is what it is - but it doesn't have to stay that way. Surrendering to change allows for movement.


Noticing the patterns of your emotions, when and how they arise, allows you to move through them instead of holding onto them. Becoming aware of what you need on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level is the key to harmony.


Postural alignment in your body can affect your emotional wellbeing. Learning to effectively release tension in your body allows for greater ease of movement in daily life. Regular practice of balancing your whole being brings you peace.


Self awareness approach

'embody' - feel at home in your body


I believe that we are all ENERGY before we are MATTER and that the matter is made of the ELEMENTS

We all have all of the elements. There is nothing missing. For each of us there is a fine mix that

makes us unique. Knowledge of what we're working with leads to awareness of when we're

in alignment - or not.

The emotions are to be explored, the body moved into postural alignment and the Soul refined.

Daily self reflection brings awareness and compassion for all that has brought you here now. 

Are you living your best life ever or is there space for enhancement?

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Emotional stress relief in your pocket

ELEMENTAL HEALING combines Kinesiology, Yoga and Tarot, helping you balance your emotions and energy through awareness and movement. Learn easy self-ENERGY testing techniques to reduce stress daily and handle issues as they arise. Tune into your body and mind to align with your Spirit.

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