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Yoga Chi Gung

The class is great for you if you're looking for a gentler way to exercise. Tune into your body with your mind to harmonise with your Spirit.

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Body Alignment
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What is Yoga Chi Gung?

Yoga Chi Gung ("yoga-chee-gong") is an energetic martial art system for releasing tension in the body, mind and spirit in order to move through daily life with grace and ease. Great for strength and flexibility, boosting immunity and creating a calming and nurturing self healing practice.

Yoga Chi Gung is an unique system of healing and balancing of the mind, body and spirit. It has been designed by Grant Woolven over many years and utilises the teachings from Pilates, Body Mechanics, the Alexander Technique, Feldenchrais, Yin Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Each class includes

Dissolving tension meditation Elements o

The Dissolving Tension meditation (Yoga Nidra)

Joint Release (Tapping and flushing meridians and acupoints)

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Yoga exercises to awaken the chakras and revitalise the meridians while creating strength in the bones and suppleness in the muscles

Chi Gung / Tai Chi form to bring harmony and balance to the whole body, mind and spirit

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Book your private class now

Private online Zoom classes

$85 /1.5hrs

1:1 sessions are great for you to get personal attention for what you're needing right now

No previous experience necessary

Email Robynne to enquire

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