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Weekly Reading 2 - 8 January 2023

My interpretation:

This week I asked: What is the feeling we’re to be aware of? What is our focus for outcome? What energy balance will put us in alignment for the week?

The energy this week in answer to the questions are about Inspiration, Intuition and Palming Eyes.

Inspiration comes from creating space. Letting go of what’s no longer useful (Large Intestine) and being aware of what we’re breathing (Lungs) life into.

The Ace of Water/Cups harnesses the energy of the water signs - Pisces ♓︎, Cancer ♋︎ and Scorpio ♏︎ helping us to tune into / flow with our Intuition.

We get the space to harness the energy by Palming Eyes. Closing off to outside interference. Being flexible (Wood element) with what intuitively inspires us.

Wishing you strong Chi


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