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The Myth of Venus and Kabbalah

In Jewish Kabbalah, Venus is associated with the seventh sphere Netzach, representing victory, innovation, eternity, and the feminine aspect of God. The myth of Venus in Kabbalah is linked to the concept of Shekhinah, which refers to the feminine aspect of God that dwells within the physical world.

According to Kabbalistic tradition, Shekhinah was exiled from the spiritual realm due to human sin, to remain in exile until the day of redemption. Venus's embodiment of beauty and desire symbolises Shekhinah's longing to return to God's presence.

Kabbalah teaches that Venus is also associated with the concept of tzniut or modesty. This is because her beauty is seen as something that should be hidden or protected rather than flaunted or used for personal gain.

In Kabbalistic thought, the myth of Venus represents the importance of balancing God's masculine and feminine aspects and the need to bring harmony and unity to the universe. It also emphasises the idea of spiritual redemption and the longing for a return to a state of wholeness and perfection.


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